The Official Absolute Longest Domain Name Registered On The World Wide Web, International

Longest Domain Name on the Internet - With International Status!

What is the longest name right of the WWW and left of the first slash, this side of the Internet?

What could possibly be the first ever longest English domain name including the top-level extension?

What in the world is the current longest valid root domain in the world ever?

Lets find out, shall we.

Drum roll...


Curtains raised...and so

Without further ado, introducing:


Copy & Paste to your url bar and see it in action!


Longest Valid Domain in the World Ever

One might ask, "Yeah, well, what makes this domain longer than the rest? Why is it so special?"

This domain is a record-shattering mind-boggling total length of 77 characters!

The first of its kind, taking advantage of the TLD extension .international to beat out any other long domain name claim that has ever existed!

Created while I was struck with the flu, and had nothing to do!

Registered and live-to-web since December 2015!


Longest Anything dot Anything Caveats

As with any type of record or claim, there are many caveats. Consider these when laying claim to longest domain:

Does the domain name make sense, in a genuine language, or is it just a bunch of mumbo-jumbo

 Is the date of registration before any other

Does the name span the dot, or not? ie. including the suffix such as .international for the total character count

Are there numbers, dashes, subdomains, subfolders, or is it just the root domain

So, whether you've got super-duper long website name, an insanely long url or an extremely long original TLD name, it all comes down to, can The Official Absolute Longest Domain Name Registered On The World Wide Web, International actually be beat? The answer is, YES, it can! But with only two possible ways:

• Domain prefix registration of more than 63 characters is allowed

• A new TLD of more than 13 characters is released

Confucius says Eeenough!

Or is it enough confusion? Who knows. Let's wait and see what more the wonderful world of 63 character domains may bring us..

..wait for it..

oh boy, what do we have here?

Well only the longest ccTLD perfect palindrome using only the letter E, is what!

Check it out here:

So long!